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Need to draw a simple flowchart? How about a diagram of your network setup? Who answers to whom in your organization? An org chart spells it all out.

You can create these diagrams on the back of an envelope or the front of a legal pad. Of course when you need to make a few adjustments to it–add a new server, hire a new programmer–your chart is outdated and you need to go back and start from scratch to rebuild it. Or you can re-open and re-edit the diagram you created with DiagramDesigner.

DiagramDesigner is a free tool you can use to create simple diagrams. Along with palettes of the most-commonly-used drawing objects, it includes a spellcheck module. You can plot mathematical equations as well. Import images in any number of formats, and export your handiwork in just as many formats, making it easy to include diagrams in your web site or word processing document.

DiagramDesigner is a free download. It's an open-source Windows app and runs under Windows 98 and later.

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