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Barcodes are everywhere. UPCs are on your cereal box. Your mail has delivery codes printed on it. Parts inventories are tracked using these little magic markings. But how do you create them? I suppose you could probably sit down with a Sharpie and draw a bunch of little vertical lines, but my guess is that they need to be rendered a little more precisely than that.

Free Online Barcode Generator is a, well, free online barcode generator. Enter the data you want encoded, choose from any of over two dozen different barcode formats, You can choose the height of your barcode and the width of the individual elements, and whether to include human-readable data with the printout. There's even a built-in sanity check: if a particular format barcode wants only numeric and not alphabetic data, it'll let you know if you've given it the wrong type of data to work with. Their site also has a couple of links to help you learn more about the magical world of barcodes.

All that you'll need to use Free Online Barcode Generator is a web browser. And something to be barcoded.

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