Take control of your iPod with SharePod

runs on Windows
screenshot of SharePod

Everybody's got an iPod. That means everybody's got their favorite tunes with them wherever they go. It also means that everybody's subject to the same limitations on what they can do with their favorite take-along audio player. Everybody except folks who have SharePod.

SharePod is a tool that lets you make your iPod behave the way you want it to, and not just the way that iTunes wants it to act. It's easy to add or remove music, videos, and photos from your iPod and move them back and forth onto your PC. It even supports drag-and-drop with Windows Explorer, making it super easy to choose the items you want. Create and tweak playlists so you have total control over the soundtrack of your life. It's easy to edit tags so you can categorize and find individual tracks or whole albums. Add artwork and adjust its size. It even includes support for iPhone and iPod Touch, so nobody's left out.

SharePod is a free Windows application. Unfortunately it doesn't understand your Mac-formatted iPod. Sigh.

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One Response to “Take control of your iPod with SharePod”

  1. Fred Romig says:

    Sharepod is just what I have been looking for…..
    BUT, after install it hangs. Do you have an email address for them?