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There are all kinds of ways to secure things. Stuff it in the back of a closet. Stick it under a mattress. Bury it in the back yard in a coffee can. These techniques might best be called "security by obscurity". After all, if nobody can find your stuff, then they can't mess with it.

Of course, that doesn't always work. Your kid brother may dig around in your closet. Mom may change the bed. Fido may dig for bones in the back yard. No more secure.

There's another technique that doesn't depend on an item's location to secure it; rather it depends on another sort of trickery. Your house is plainly visible for all to see, yet it's secure because you have a lock on the front door that you have the key to. Your various social media profiles are secure in that they are behind a password. Everybody knows where Twitter is, but without your password, nobody can do anything to your account.

EncryptToClick is a tool that falls into this latter type of security mechanism. It's a quick and easy way to encrypt and password protect files and documents on your system. Just fire it up and choose the file or folder you want to encrypt, supply a password. and your data is safe from prying eyes. This tool uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption, so you know your stuff is secure. And remember—if you forget your password, you're never going to get your data back!

EncryptOnClick is a free download. You can use it on systems running Windows.

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  1. George says:

    If you want to encrypt text files then use TheLetterEncrypter (9 KB , freeware)


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