Suspend your keyboard with Keyboard Cleaner

runs on Mac
screenshot of Keyboard Cleaner

Sometimes it's little dribbles of coffee. Other times it's food crumbs or just general office schmutz. Whatever the source, you've got to get it off your keyboard. Now taking a rag or brush and wiping it across your keyboard seems pretty straightforward, but what about unintended consequences? Just brushing lightly across the keys will take off the surface stuff, but if you have to apply any pressure at all, you run the risk of entering unintended keystrokes into your system. Yes, your could power down (if you didn't have a dozen windows open right now), or unplug your keyboard (unless you're on a laptop), but that's just not always convenient.

Keyboard Cleaner is a tool that lets you "suspend" your keyboard. Activate it and your system will ignore everything that hits the keys, except for [Command] + Q. Along with cleaning your keyboard, you can use this handy tool to cat- (or kid) proof your system. No amount of banging on keys will make bad things happen.

Keyboard Cleaner is a Mac app. It runs under OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

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