DocPad text editor adds extended functionality

runs on Windows
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Text editors are handy little critters when what you're worried about is the text and what you're not worried about is formatting. Whether you need text-only documents to save space, or because you're writing code, a straight text editor is what you want.

Everybody's system comes with a tool like this, whether it's Notepad, TextEdit, or even vi or emacs. Basic, bare-bones stuff. But it is possible to have something a touch more sophisticated and helpful, even though you're still generating those plain-old ASCII files. DocPad is one such tool.

DocPad is a text editor that lets you do your work more easily. Along with its creation of plain-text documents, it makes your life easier by giving you the ability to block-indent chunks of text, alphabetize paragraphs, convert text to lower-, upper-, title-, and sentence case. It's got a powerful search-and-replace functionality built in, and you can even trim trailing whitespace from your lines. Built-in spell checking means you're going to get even more mileage out of this app.

DocPad is available as a free download. It runs under Windows, using any version from Win95 on up.

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