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Back in school, they used to have timelines for everything. Want to understand the evolution of travel? Make up a timeline that includes the invention of shoes, the wheel (the first time, not all the re-inventing of the wheel that we do nowadays), draft animals, trains planes and automobiles—you get the idea. When you can look at all these or any other set of milestones on a timeline, you get a sense of how they all relate to one another. Being a line, the timeline is helpful in visualizing any type of linear information that occurs over time.

TimeGlider is a handy way to make your own timelines. A free online service, it lets you enter events and see how they relate to one another. Drag events back and forth to move them in time. Assign importance level to your different events. Zoom in and out to see more detail, especially when events are packed closely together.

You don't need to download anything to use TimeGlider, but you do need to sign up for a free account. The main app is Flash-based, so you will need to have a recent version installed on your system, as well as a web browser.

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