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Whether you're laying out a new web page, or writing a new desktop app, it's important that your screens be laid out just so. Or maybe you're tweaking an image file or two and want to get them just the right size. If you were doing this on your desktop in the real world with an X-acto and rubber cement, you'd be using a ruler. Well, you can do the same thing on your electronic desktop as well.

Pixel Ruler is a free tool that lets you measure precise sizes and placement on your screen. It's a floating ruler that you can drag around the screen to measure sizes of things or distances between objects. It works both horizontally and vertically, and can be stretched out to 1300 pixels in length.

A free download, Pixel Ruler is a Windows application. It's compatible with systems running Windows 98/NT and later.

Download Pixel Ruler

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  1. akdfsdjsdlf says:

    doesn;t work on vista

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