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Your hard drive is where all the "stuff" on your system lives. While the brains may arguably be the CPU and memory on your system—the places where the "thinking" happens—without the hard disk, it wouldn't have anything to think about.

When you're tooling around on your system, it's handy to have your hard drive, as well as any other permanent storage devices like USB sticks, network shares, optical media, and so on, show up in Windows Explorer. It's super easy to focus your attention on a particular drive by just clicking on its icon.

There may come a time, however, when you don't want this easy access. Suppose you share out one or more of your drives to other folks on the network. Or maybe your kids use the computer as well, and you'd just a soon have all your financial goodies hidden away, so nobody—accidentally or otherwise—gets into them or, heaven forbid, makes them go bye-bye. At times like this, it might be handy to just "disappear" your drives for a while.

NoDrives Manager lets you do just that. Basically it's a GUI front-end to some pretty gnarly manipulation of your system's Registry. Yeah, you could go in and tweak these all-important settings to hide- or reveal your hard drive, but you also run the real risk of lobotomizing your system. After all, what's Windows computer without an intact Registry? An expensive doorstop.

Pick a drive, hide it, log back in, and it's gone. Well, really it's still there, and you can even access it via the Run dialog, but it won't show to any casual passersby. And it's just as easy to un-hide it again as well.

NoDrives Manager is a free Windows application.

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