CacheMyWork helps you remember what you were doing

runs on Windows
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How complicated is your life? Pretty complex, I'll bet. Your computer is likely no less complicated. Once you get up and running on a project, you've got several apps running, a bunch of windows open, and things are just humming along. And then it comes: you have to shut your system down. Maybe it's time to go home and you're being dutiful about saving energy; maybe there's some new app that's been installed that requires a reboot. Either way, you know it's going to take you a fair amount of time to put things back to where they are now.

CacheMyWork can help you remember who's on first. When you fire it up, it gives you a list of your currently-running apps. Click the checkbox in front of each of the ones you want to re-open, and the next time you log in, it will do just that. No more worrying about having to invest ten minutes (or more) trying to remember just what it was you were doing.

A free download, CacheMyWork is a Windows app. It's been tested on XP and Vista, and probably will run under Win2k as well. You'll also need to have at least version 2.0 of the .NET Framework installed on your machine.

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