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How do you spend your work time? How much time did you put in on the Smith Proposal or the Johnson Report? If you spend an entire day working on a particular project, it's pretty easy to track your hours—assuming you remember to track them at all. But if you work on several different things in a given week or day or hour, keeping it all straight can be much more complicated.

myHours is an online service that helps you keep track of what you've been doing. Enter your hours in real time, or stick them all in at the end of the day. Since you can track work on individual jobs or projects, you can figure out what they're costing you as well—was it really cheaper to build that new website yourself instead of farming the work out? It's easy to generate a bunch of different reports and charts to summarize what you're doing; print them out, export them to a spreadsheet, or email them. Since myHours is all online, you can access your data from any Internet-connected computer.

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