Clipboard Help+Spell adds spell check and searchable history to clipboard

runs on Windows
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Clipboard utilities are a handy way to extend the functionality of the Windows clipboard. With the standard setup, you get one clipboard, and once you copy or cut something new to it, the stuff that was there originally is replaced. Most of these tools, however, allow you to keep track of multiple clipboards at once. Many of them add additional features as well.

Clipboard Help+Spell is one such tool. As its name suggests, it adds a spell checking feature; after all, if you're going to go to the trouble of copying and pasting text from one document to another, you might as well make sure that what you're moving there is correct as well. Going beyond that, it also keeps track of all previous clipboard entries. Now if you need that thing you copied an hour ago—or a week ago—you should be able to call it up out of history. And to make sure you can find things, it's got built-in search as well.

Clipboard Help+Spell is a free download, although the author would be more than happy to receive your donation. Use it on systems running Windows 2000 through Windows 7.

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  1. Mike says:


    This program runs well in Wine; also there is a wide choice of dictionaries to download.

    My initial reaction – extremely impressive.

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