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One of the interesting things about software is the wide variety of applications and tools available. They run the gamut from simple text editors to truly complicated programs. Some are general purpose, like word processing apps and spreadsheet tools, while others are much more task specific. A bookkeeper could run her entire operation in Excel if she wanted to, but apps like Quicken and its brethren might be a better bet.

Writers have to make choices as well. You could write your screenplay or book in Word if you wanted to, but that might not be your best choice. If you need to re-arrange things and move chunks around, it's not hard to see that things could get pretty complicated in short order. Task-specific tools like yWriter might work better.

yWriter is designed specifically for writers. It uses "scenes" as the fundamental building block. This approach makes it easier to re-arrange things and keep track of how your work is going. It helps you keep track of characters and keeps an eye on your work—number of words or chapters completed in a day, and so forth.

yWriter is a free Windows download. It should run on just about any Win32 system, from Windows 95 on up.

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