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At its core, Windows lives and dies by its GUI. Back in the day, when everything ran in text-based terminal windows, there were no such things as buttons, and pictures were something that you didn't deal with on your computer. Under Windows, most applications are pretty, make use of a mouse, and otherwise behave very non-console-y. From time to time, however, you need to get in there and thrash around with a command prompt.

Every version of Windows has included the ability for you to get to the C: prompt. And every version might as well be using the exact same terminal app for that. If you're doing things that require that you interact with your system on that level, it would be nice to have a few options to work with.

Console is an enhanced terminal app. Among other things, it features a tabbed interface, so you can have multiple terminals open at once, letting you easily jump back and forth between them. It also supports enhanced text selection, so you can copy-and-paste into and out of your terminal, saving oodles of time if you're working way down in the guts of your system and having to type in file paths that are dozens of characters long.

Console is a free Windows application.

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