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No doubt about it: email is a handy way to move documents around. Attach a file, press SEND and your doc is headed where it needs to go. Unfortunately, anybody along the way can look at what you've sent, and that may not be what you had in mind. Upload your file to a website or some other online repository and you've got a similar problem. If somebody can find it, they can look at it.

Signature995 is a free tool that lets you encrypt your PDF files to hide their contents from prying eyes. Sure, you can do this with Adobe Acrobat as well, but it's going to cost you plenty, and if you're not cranking out PDFs for a living, it may be overkill. With Signature995, it's easy to password-protect your PDFs, as well as Microsoft Office files (DOC, XLS, and PPT), and even ZIP archive files. Encrypting your files is easy, and it's done non-destructively: it leaves the original in place as it creates the new encrypted version. Once everything's nicely tucked away, you can send your file without worrying who else is going to get their hands on it.

A free download, Signature995 is a Windows application. You'll also need to have Internet Explorer 6 or later installed on your system.

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