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You don't have to spend too much time wandering around online to run across pages written in languages other than English. While a lot of folks use it as a first—or second—language, there's a lot of world out there that is non-English. So what language is that web page or blog written in? If your knowledge of foreign languages is limited to what you remember from Sixth Grade Spanish (¿Dónde está la biblioteca?), you could probably use some help here.

Language Analyzer can give you a hand with this. Copy and paste a passage of text into their online form, and they'll analyze that text and give you their best guess on the language used. Expect it to do a pretty good job with some of the more mainstream tongues (Spanish, French, German), with maybe a bit more of a challenge with some others (Croatian, Slovenian). Either way, it's going to at least put you in the ballpark.

Language Analyzer is operating on a beta level, so expect some bumps and hiccups along the way. On the other hand, it's free, making it much more accessible than some high-priced alternative. It's an online service with nothing to download, so all you need is your trusty web browser.

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