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The success or failure of your latest online endeavor depends heavily on where you land in the search results in Google and the other big-deal search engines. Everybody starts their online quests here, whether they're looking for holiday gifts for Junior or a plumber to fix that annoying drip in the sink. If you can't be found in a search, then you might as well not exist.

There are tons of books and websites focusing on the "secrets" of search engine optimization (SEO), but once you've tweaked your title tags and polished your keyword lists, how do you know if it's all been worth it? One way is with the Page Rank Checker.

It's easy to use: just go to their site, enter your site's URL, and press the magic button. After it grinds away for a bit, it brings back several relevant pieces of where-you-are-popularity-wise information gleaned from various places on the Web. Along with the all-important Page Rank (one of Google's indicators of how important your site is), it reports your Alexa rank, directories that your site is included in, and even the number of pages that have been indexed and a count of backlinks pointing to your site. Now remember: there's nothing absolute in these results, and the inclusion of AltaVista and AllTheWeb in the listings are of questionable value, but if you look at these results over time you should be able to spot trends that let you know whether you're becoming more visible.

Page Rank Checker is a free online service. If you've got a browser—and you do, since you're reading this—then you can take advantage of their service.

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