Keep an eye on your computer with Smart System Informer

runs on Windows
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What do you know about the computer you work on every day? Sure, you have a superficial relationship—you tap its keys, it displays stuff on its, umm, display. but what do you really know about each other? Not just another pretty face, your machine has complicated insides as well.

You can find out what's on the inside with Smart System Informer. Just fire it up and take a look at what it has to tell you. Identify the processor; check out how much RAM you have installed; what is the make and model of your hard drive? All this good stuff and more is there for the asking. It's also got tools that let you take a look at how your system is performing. Check out which apps load at startup and see which hog is taking up all your system's memory. You can save all this report data off to text files as well, so you can look through it at your leisure.

Smart System Informer is a Windows app. It runs under Windows NT, 2000, and all later flavors.

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2 Responses to “Keep an eye on your computer with Smart System Informer”

  1. Pedro Cotilla says:

    It would be great if it is what you say it is! I’ll tell you about it later after a good trial in my notebook, CU

  2. r2s says:

    this software is useless. there are much better freeware programs such as aida32 that actually tell you useful information

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