Sidenote does stickies one better

runs on Mac
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How often does this happen to you? You sit down at your favorite workstation—desk, cubicle, kitchen counter—and look around you. You've got so much to do that it's almost impossible to keep track of it all. As you move around on the Web, or do what you do on your machine, you're taking notes of what you see, accomplish, and intend to do. The pile of little slips of paper on the desk is growing again. Maybe it's finally time to liberate yourself from the paper-driven conspiracy that keeps you from really getting things done. Here's an idea: how about a note-taking application that hangs out at the side of your screen?

Sidenote is a tool that gives you that place to organize the little bits and pieces of information you come across during the course of your day. It sits there unobtrusively until you need it, at which point it swings into action. Your notes can contain both text and images. Enter text directly into the app's window and format it, or you can copy and paste content there instead. Images can come in via the clipboard—copy and paste—or you can just drag pictures into your note. Its auto-save feature means that you'll never forget to save what you've been working on.

A free download for your Mac, Sidenote runs under OS X 10.4 and later and is a Universal Binary, so it's cool with both PowerPC and Intel-driven machines. They've also got an older version still available for Panther (10.3).

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