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You can't do anything on your computer without dealing with files. Whether they're word processing documents, image files with photos from your last vacation, or spreadsheets with your next year's business forecasts, they're all files. Windows supplies some tools to help you work with files, but they can be rather limited in scope. It might be nice to kick this up a level.

Useful File Utilities is a file manipulation tool that picks up where Windows Explorer leaves off. With a two-window display reminiscent of Norton Commander (kids, ask your parents), it's easy to drag files around to get work done. It has three core functionalities: Replacer lets you do search-and-replace inside of files, Renamer lets you tweak filenames, and Finder (not to be confused with the OS X Finder that Macophiles are familiar with) helps you to find files on your system. Along with these, this tool supports a bunch of plugins, that extend its functionality to allow it to do things like change file attributes, tweak time stamps, convert the case of text, and more.

Useful File Utilities is a free Windows app. It runs under Windows ME (did anybody really use that?), WinNT, and all later flavors of Windows.

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3 Responses to “Useful File Utilities are useful file utilities”

  1. Wanda Sloan says:

    I don’t think this is free, the site is asking $30 for this shareware.

  2. lev says:

    I sadly used ME. Wasn’t too bad but win2k was far superior. — as for this app its shareware but has no limitations on use so free to use. Not a bad little app either although you really need a few of the plug-ins to get any real use out of it.

  3. Jim says:

    My reading of the fine print is that you can download this app and use it fifteen times. Then you must pay the $30.00. It isn’t really free.

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