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ThreeTags Online Notebook is a handy place to store your notes and other information online. Whether it's the first draft of your novel, a list of bookmarks, or even contact information and passwords, it's an easy-to-use solution. All your data is encrypted on the client side, so you've never sending anything in clear text, meaning that your stuff can't be grabbed in transit; and since it's encrypted, it's safe sitting on their servers as well.

It supports a "hierarchical tagging" system for organizing your information, so it's easy to find it again; after all, it's not worth the effort if your data is write-only. It's no good if once you save it, it's lost in the warehouse like the Ark at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Using keyword tags, you can then organize those keywords into a hierarchy, grabbing the best of both worlds.

ThreeTags is a free online service. Since it relies on client-side data encryption, and not all browsers are created equal, things may run quicker with more recent browsers.

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