Rein in your laptop's touchpad

runs on Windows
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We all love our laptops. They're handy to carry along, and they've got such a small footprint that often they're the perfect desktop tool as well. You can doll them all up with external monitors, keyboards, mice, and such, but they're perfectly happy to run just as they are. Unfortunately sometimes we're not so happy with them.

Most modern laptops have a touchpad pointing device. For ease of operation, this is generally located in front of the keyboard, between the space bar and the front of the computer itself. Now if you're using good hand position form, your hands arch over the touchpad and nothing bad happens. If you're sloppy or lazy or just unlucky, your thumb may brush along the touch-sensitive surface. Depending on your device's sensitivity, this inadvertent touch may send your computer's cursor off into outer space. You're typing along, minding your own business, and all of a sudden everything goes nuts. It sure would be handy to be able to disengage that touchpad for a while.

TouchFreeze lets you do just that. While you're pointing around the screen everything behaves as expected, but when you start typing characters on the keyboard, it temporarily disables the touchpad. Now no matter how many times you tap your finger on it, you're not going to mess yourself up. And that's a good thing.

TouchFreeze is a free Windows application. It runs on machines using under the NT/2000/XP flavors of Windows.

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