Menubar app lets you know how long you've got to wait

runs on Mac
screenshot of Countdown Clock

Like the song says, there's "a time for every purpose under Heaven." But just when is that time? Sometimes we need a little reminder, and one of those reminders is often a good timer.

Countdown Clock is a menubar app. It sits in your Mac's menubar at the top of your screen, and does its thing. That thing is to count down and display a little circular icon that is shaded to give you a graphical representation of the amount of time left to count down. So what do you count down? Minutes until the big meeting, hours 'til the end of the day, shopping days until Christmas—it's all up to you. Choose a daily schedule (countdown from the beginning of the day until the end), or set-up a one-time-only schedule (time your tea steeping, or count down to your birthday or the big game).

A free download for your Mac, Countdown Clock runs under OS X. The publisher claims Jaguar (10.2) compatibility, but it looks like you may have better luck with Tiger (10.4) or later.

Download Countdown Clock

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