A Start Menu for your Mac

runs on Mac
screenshot of Start Menu

Whatever your opinion of Windows, one good thing about that platform is the "Start" button that gives you access to most of the apps on the machine. With your Mac, you can drag apps to the Dock to make them easy to find, but you do still have to locate them yourself, at least the first time. So how about adding a Start button to the system without having to deal with all that other Windows-y stuff?

Start Menu is a free tool that lets you do just that. Find it once and drag it to the Dock or drop an alias on the desktop, and now whenever you need to run an app, just click on its icon. It's already gone out and found all the apps on your system, so all you need to do is scroll through the list and click on the program you want to fire up. It's all pretty easy.

A free download, Start menu is a Mac app. It runs under OS X on systems using Tiger (10.4) or better.

Download Start Menu

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