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Run here, go there, and don't forget anything. Now that's a pretty tall order. How in the world do you keep track of it all? Slips of paper aren't too efficient, and store-bought organizers cost a small fortune. Thank goodness for free software that can help you keep track of it all.

PhiTodo is one one such tool. You can keep track of appointments, meetings, and more. Organize individual tasks, or group them together to create projects. Sort them, arrange them, and keep track of the time you've spent on each piece. Now nothing's going to fall through the cracks, and you'll always know how long everything took to complete. Not only can you now answer the question "where did all the time go," but you'll also be able to plan better next time based on how things went this time.

PhiTodo is a free download. It runs on the Adobe AIR platform, so it's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

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