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Need to time a three minute egg or a five minute cup of tea, but you don't have a timer in your pocket? You're in luck if you have a web browser.

Timer Stopwatch is a free online app that lets you set a countdown timer. Whether it's a few seconds, a couple of minutes, or several hours, you can set this timer to do what you need. The default is just a plain-vanilla countdown timer, but you can tweak it to behave in the way you want. Choose a different display size and color, if that suits your fancy. Add an alarm to let you know when the countdown is done—it will either play sounds or pop-up an alert for you.

Timer Stopwatch is a free online app. You can access it with any standard web browser. For the alarm to function, Windows users will need to be sure that QuickTime Player is installed on their system (it's already there for Mac users).

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