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Most Windows systems run a pretty good-sized number of programs when they start up. Not only are there apps that the system wants, but usually the user has added several to that list—some intentionally, and some not. When you look at all the stuff that lives in the Startup Folder, and various Run… registry branches, you can see that your system's a pretty busy place at startup. After a while, it can start to take a hefty chunk of time to get things up and running.

Autoruns for Windows is a tool that can help you to examine just what all is happening at startup. Its GUI takes you through all the locations where autorun items live and lets you see what's really going on in there. You can deactivate apps by deselecting a checkbox, allowing you to speed up what may have become a rather sluggish system. If you find out that you don't really need a particular program or service, you can simply delete it.

A free download, Autoruns for Windows runs on workstations running Windows XP or higher, or servers using Windows Server 2003 and later.

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