Application automates routine email

runs on Windows
screenshot of Karen's E-Mailer II

How many email messages do you suppose you send in a typical day? A couple? A bunch? Way too many? And how many of those are just routine stuff? If you're tired of typing the same message over and over again, we've found a tool that might give you some relief.

Karen's E-Mailer II makes it easy to automate the email process. You can create predefined messages and send them by just double-clicking a shortcut icon. Alternatively, you can fire-off a message from the command prompt as well. Stick that into a script or macro, and now your computer can email you when it does something important, like finishing a backup or completing compiling the newest version of the next killer app.

A free download, Karen's E-Mailer II is a Windows application. It should run fine on any Win32 platform from Windows 95 on up.

Download Karen's E-Mailer II

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