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Back in the day, your interest in fish ran to the goldfish sitting in a bowl on top of your dresser. You remember, it's the one you won at the fair by throwing a Ping-Pong ball and having it land in the fishbowl. You've come a long way since then.

A modern aquarium, fully stocked with critters, requires lots of attention. Along with feeding the fish and all the other little guys in there, there are a ton of other things to track, including temperature, pH of the water, and so on. Now you can use the computer where you've got the aquarium screensaver as a tool to help you maintain the aquarium with real fish swimming around.

TankBuddy helps you keep detailed records about how your little finned friends are doing. Set reminders to make sure you're changing the water when you need to. You can even add free-form notes to stay on top of what's happening. It supports multiple tanks, so you can keep track of your amphibians, fresh water, and salt water fish all in one application.

TankBuddy is a free Mac application. You can use it with systems running OS X 10.5 or later.

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