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If you've got a music collection of any size on your computer, you can almost guarantee that there are duplicate tracks in there. Whether it's because you ripped the same CD twice, dropped files in some unusual location, or even have a "Greatest Hits" compilation, you're wasting space that you could put to better use—maybe even for more tunes! But how do you dig through all that stuff to find potential duplicates?

Duplicate Music Files Finder can give you a hand with this. When it looks for duplicates, it's smart about it. Rather than just looking for identical filenames, it looks inside the audio files themselves, comparing file CRCs, and even looking at MP3 tag metadata to see if any two files really are duplicates of one another. Once you find any duplicates, you can play them in your media player to make sure, and then choose to delete the duplicates. It can also identify duplicates among non-media files as well. If you've got several copies of the Johnson Project report scattered around your hard drive, it'll help you find them all.

A Windows tool, Duplicate Music Files Finder is a free download.

Download Duplicate Music Files Finder

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  1. Colin says:

    I just tried this with music files a moment ago, so here are my first thoughts:

    a) It certainly is fast.

    b) Too many options for search – confusing.

    c) Reporting file size is fine, but what about bitrate? I could see no option for that. I will always choose a “short” 320 bitrate over a 192 with extra “la-la-la’s” at the end of the track, even if both files are equal size.

    c) No way to centre data in columns, it is right-aligned by default.

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