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Most anything that you create that's supposed to do something online requires that you work with plain text. Whether it's a Java class, an HTML web page, or a PHP script, you don't want to be using Word to write your code. While word processors make your next business proposal or that letter to Mom look pretty, they put a bunch of extra stuff into your documents, making them useless as source code for your next online app. What you need is something that creates files as plain text.

Once you move beyond the simplest snippets of code, a plain vanilla text editor like Notepad or TextEdit, things start to get pretty complicated. Sure, it's easy to dash off a dozen lines of code and see what you've done, but once you start calling functions from other files or writing some gnarly nested conditionals, you really need an integrated development environment (IDE) to work with. Along with creating files of just text, these tools typically add functionality like syntax highlighting, the ability to group individual files together into projects, and other programmer-friendly features.

PHPAnywhere is an online service that gives you an IDE to write PHP code in your web browser. Instead of downloading a big clunky app to your desktop, all you need to do here is log into your account and start coding. And since it's an online tool, that means that you can access if from anywhere you have Internet access. Take your work project home without having to bring your laptop along or set up tricky remote networking stuff. It features syntax highlighting, a zillion levels of undo, and a robust find-and-replace functionality. It may well become your go-to tool for writing your PHP.

PHPAnywhere is compatible with Opera and Gecko-based web browsers (Firefox, Camino, SeaMonkey) running on any supported platform. They claim that soon they'll support IE, Safari, and Chrome as well.

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  1. Great online tool! I’ve been looking for a php coding txt tool like this

  2. Gregory says:
    Here is another, but very simple Online IDE for PHP programmers. Editing files on your FTP server online.
    I use it.

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