Turn the volume down while you drop off to sleep

runs on Windows
screenshot of Goodnight Timer

There are lots of timers and alarms out there that will wake you up, but what about one that will help you go to sleep? Goodnight Timer can do just that.

Just fire it up and start setting times. If you like to drop off while listening to music, it will automatically decrease the volume for you, and eventually power your system down. Choose either a specific time to end, or set an interval—maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour. At the appointed time, it will begin decreasing the volume coming out through your speakers. You can choose either a linear or geometric profile, to turn things down at a constant rate, or to back-end load the decrease. Either way, it resets your system's volume back to normal when it finishes, so the next time you boot up you'll be able to hear things again.

Goodnight Timer is a free download. It runs under Windows.

Download Goodnight Timer

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