WeatherMate helps you keep an eye on the weather

runs on Windows
screenshot of WeatherMate

Hot or cold, rain or sun, windy or calm. Even though we can't really do anything about the weather—global warming notwithstanding—it is nice to have some idea what to expect once we walk out the front door. Umbrella vs tank top is an important choice. Your local paper can give you a forecast (and sometimes it's accurate), or you can watch TV (but have to suffer through all the ads), or you can go high-tech and use your computer to see what's up.

WeatherMate is a little app that lets you keep an eye on what Mother Nature has in store for you weather-wise. It sits unobtrusively in your System Tray keeping an eye on the weather for you. It gets its data from The Weather Channel, and can give you the latest conditions, forecasts, and even extra goodies like Doppler radar images for locations all over the world.

WeatherMate is a free Windows application.

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