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You know the scenario: you've just slaved away for hours—or days—on a project, report, spreadsheet, or some other complicated document containing tons of data. You've checked and double-checked all the facts and figures, You've formatted it just so, and now you're ready to go. All of a sudden, something breaks. Maybe it's hard drive problems, maybe something got munched while zipping it, maybe it got munged while being emailed. No matter what the cause is, you've now seen all your hard work go straight down the tubes. So how do you propose to get it all back?

Well of course, it would be nice if you had a backup. But what if it's a document you received but didn't create? Check out the free online Corrupt Office Suite Text/Data Extracting Service. Submit your broken Office 2007 (DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX) files and chances they'll be able to stitch them back together and give you something useful once again. It's supposed to work with OpenOffice documents as well. Older-format Office files, while not completely repaired, can at least have their content extracted, saving you the huge amount of typing necessary to put your life back together.

This service as available online for free. And thanks to Paul for giving us a heads-up on this tool.

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