Put your ScrollLock light to use monitoring network traffic

runs on Windows
screenshot of Network Lights

How geeky are you? You trick your system out with every possible bell and whistle. You actually install all the Windows updates. You can't find anything on your desktop because you've downloaded so many cool tools. And yet, you feel empty, unfulfilled. There's one big question that still haunts you: why can't I do something useful with the ScrollLock light on my keyboard? Well now you can.

Network Lights is a little utility that lets you use the LEDs for your NumLock and ScrollLock keys to monitor network traffic coming to and from your computer. Once it's installed, it sits out of your way as a icon in the System Tray. Whenever data is uploaded or downloaded from your system, those little lights will flicker to let you know that something's happening.

Network Lights is a free download. It will run on your Windows system.

Download Network Lights

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