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There are bunches of email services out there. Some of them give you a "disposable" email address, useful for sign-ups, that then go away to protect your privacy and in box. Others like Gmail give you real email on the web.

Fast forward now. You're setting up an account and have to give an email address. You work through the form, enter your email address, and all of a sudden they tell you that free mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and all aren't acceptable. Now what do you do?

How about a good old fashioned POP mail account? You know, the kind you need a desktop app to use? This is a job for HotPOP. These guys give you a real POP3 email account for free. If you've got a desktop email app like the Mac's Mail application, all you need to do is go in and configure it for the POP and SMTP servers the service uses and you're golden. Or, they offer the option of automatically forwarding all your mail to a different address. Like that Gmail account you use. Now you can sign up for that new service, give them a HotPOP email address, and still get mail to your Gmail account. There; that'll show 'em!

HotPOP is a free service. There are some restrictions on free accounts and you'll need to fill out a survey that they'll use to send you some ads, but such is the price of a "free" account.

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2 Responses to “HotPOP free POP3 email service”

  1. Brandon says:

    i had a HotPOP account for a while and there was a few times that the service was completely gone or i would not get any emails at all. most of my emails i received were junk other than the subscriptions i applied to. its a great service and easy to use but not recommended if you dont like sifting through good and bad emails.

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks Brandon.

    That says it all.

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