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It can be fun to add cute little widgets to your website or blog. One of the more favorite things to add are countdown clocks: Only 27 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas; Only 2389 Days 'Til the Summer Olympics After Next; that sort of thing. Or you can add fun clocks to your site just to dress it all up.

You can choose from a whole bunch of different clocks to put on your site from ClockLink. They've got oodles of Flash-powered clocks that you can use for free. Just browse to the one you like—we're partial to the fake-UPC clock that updates the time and corresponding barcode every second—click the magic button, and copy-and-paste the code necessary to embed it on your page.

ClockLink is a free service. When you grab the link code to put it on your website, you'll need to agree with their Terms of Service, but there's really nothing else involved beyond that.

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2 Responses to “Free Flash clocks for your website or blog”

  1. bobby says:

    Great clocks, easy to use, thanks.

  2. Flash Clocks says:

    I like their flash clocks, though nowadays there are thousands of websites that offer flash clocks, thank you for sharing.