FastStone Photo Resizer lets you process piles of files

runs on Windows
screenshot of FastStone Photo Resizer

If you've got a bunch of images to tweak, you don't want to have to do them one at a time. Opening a few—or several dozen—pictures to add a watermark or a border could be a serious pain in the neck. It's good to have tools out there that can handle a bunch of files at once.

Check out FastStone Photo Resizer. While you can use it in single-file mode, it also supports bulk processing as well. If you need to tweak color settings or resize a bunch of images, it's pretty easy. You can rename photos and other images a well, maybe adding a sequential number to each file, making it easier to sort them. In addition, it will do bulk conversions as well, so you can with one tool convert your JPEG images to PNG files and resize them to upload to your blog, without taking all day to get the job done.

A Windows application, FastStone Photo Resizer is free for home users.

Download FastStone Photo Resizer

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