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There's no doubt about it: networking is a handy way to get things done. Whether it's a human network—your friends, family, business associates—or a computer network—your computer talking to your printer, your LAN, or even the Internet—working together is generally more efficient that working separately. With computer networks you can do all kinds of time-saving things, like sharing files between users. Unfortunately, that's sometimes a bit complicated. You've got user names and passwords to deal with, and then there's browsing through a foreign filesystem to get to the place you want to go. Maybe it's not so great after all.

DropCopy is a tool that helps you realize the savings and increased efficiency of working on networked systems. Instead of getting bogged down with the minutiae of it all, you get a simple dropbox. Now when you want to share a file, you just drag it to the dropbox and the transfer's as good as done. Less time spent fussing around and more time spent getting work done.

DropCopy is a Mac application. It's free for networks of up to three machines, with a modest charge for bigger installations. They've got versions compatible with OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and later.

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