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runs on Mac
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One of the cool things about Intel-powered Macs is the fact that they can also boot non-Mac operating systems as well. Instead of needing to have a Windows machine to do Windows-y things along with your Mac, you can get away with just one box. For that matter, even your older PowerPC Mac can run PPC versions of Linux along with official Apple stuff. This convenience, of course, doesn't come without complications.

You can avid some of these problems with QuickBoot, This tool lets you easily jump back and forth between OS X and Windows. Just install it, pick the OS you want to boot, and away you go. For Intel installs, you can choose "next boot only" to boot Windows just once, with subsequent restarts loading OS X instead.

QuickBoot is a Mac application. You'll need to be running OS X and have multiple bootable volumes on your machine to use it.

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