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It never ceases to amaze me, the wide variety of tools and applications available out there. Like all tools, some of them are for general use: a screwdriver can be used by a carpenter, an electrician, or even a painter to pry the lid off of a can of paint; a word processing app can be used to write a report or send a letter to mom. Other tools are more specialized in what they can do: a pair of hose clamp pliers can pretty much clamp hoses, or the program your accountant uses to do your taxes doesn't really do anything else. AccidentSketch falls into this latter category.

When you get into a fender bender, you usually need to sketch a picture of what happened. Whether it's for your insurance company or the DMV, everybody wants to know what went down. If you are artistically-challenged, your diagram may not be nearly as enlightening as those folks would like it to be. AccidentSketch makes it easy to show what happened. Go to their site and build your diagram by just dragging and dropping widgets on the screen. Choose the type of road you were on: straight street or highway, four-way intersection, three-way "T", or whatever. Drag your car and the other vehicle onto the diagram. Add directional arrows, traffic signs, and you're good. While a pretty picture isn't going to fix all your problems, this diagram is going to help you start to put this whole nasty incident behind you.

AccidentSketch is a free online service. You should be able to use it with most any recent web browser.

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  1. Mike says:

    Accident sketch does not allow you to add a turn lane in the middle of the lanes of travel, which is very common in the US.

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