Nocturne makes it easy to tweak night vision for your Mac

runs on Mac
screenshot of Nocturne

No doubt you use your computer under different lighting conditions; certainly indoors; maybe outdoors; probably day and night. So how can you make it so that you can always see the display? After all, if you can't see what you're doing, you probably aren't going to get much done.

Nocturne is a tool that makes it easy to switch your computer into night vision mode. Along with simply turning it on and off, it also lets you tweak your settings to make things even easier to see. Color correction and window shadow effects help clear things up, and the ability to black-out your desktop wallpaper makes you screen less cluttered. It's a thoughtful little app, too: after you've installed Nocturne and fired it up, it sits unobtrusively in your menubar, waiting on you to call on it to do its thing.

You'll need to be running a Mac under OS X to use Nocturne.

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