Launch apps quickly with your mouse

runs on Windows
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There are all kinds of tricks to speed things along for you on your computer. If you run a bunch of different apps, you probably already have several shortcuts you use to start them up. No sense browsing through your whole filesystem to find those things you use again and again. If you're really efficient, you may have set up some keyboard macros. Typing some hotkey combination can definitely speed things along. But what if you're the kind of user who tries to never take your hands off your mouse? What's available here?

MouseExtender provides the mouse equivalent of the keyboard macro. Once you've got it installed and configured, clicking the right combination of mouse buttons will bring up a graphical dialog with your chosen apps in it; click on the one you want, and you're off to the races. It's easy to drag-and-drop your favorites into the app. And if you've got a bunch of them, you can even organize them with tabs.

MouseExtender is a free download. It runs under Windows.

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  1. R M Honey says:

    How do you manage to SAVE everything? After turning off this program I have to redo EVERYTHING AGAIN!

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