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Back in the day—and we mean way, way back—families, organizations, and important folk had a crest, coat of arms, or seal to help identify them and show just who they were, what they were about, and all that. I guess maybe that role is played now by the wallpaper you use on your Twitter page.

If you want to go old school, check out the Official Seal Maker. This free service lets you design and create a seal that you can use to identify yourself, or just have fun with. You get to choose a border shape and style, text to include (in Latin of course), images to use in your seal, and more. Make it as official or silly as you like. Click the button, and your custom seal is assembled before your eyes. Download your seal and stick it on your website, add it to your email signature, or whatever. They're also happy to immortalize your handiwork on magnets, keychains, t-shirts and more (for a price), but you certainly don't have to.

Official Seal Maker is a free online service. You should be able to access it with just about any web browser and an Internet connection.

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  1. comea says:

    I’m trying to create a seal, but I have no permission.

    Is there anything i should/can do to remedy this situation?

    Thanks for the reply.


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