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runs on Windows
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While you were growing up, your mama told you not to talk to strangers. That was probably pretty good advice and may have helped keep you out of trouble. If your mom were an IT professional, she might well tell your computer not to talk to strangers as well.

While there are a bunch of machines out there that you do need to talk to, there are others who might best be avoided. You've go to be able to get to your Gmail account and go on a shopping spree at Amazon, but you probably don't need to be in touch with advertising servers, spyware-oriented machines, and the like. So how do you tell your computer not to talk to strangers?

PeerBlock is a tool that lets you do just that. Give it addresses of places you'd rather not go, and it will block them. You can operate from canned lists of "bad guys", or even add specific addresses you want to avoid.

A Windows application, PeerBlock is a free download.

Download PeerBlock

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