Stop dithering and decide to dither your images

runs on Mac
screenshot of HyperDither

It's always amazing to me how the human brain works, trying to organize and extract meaning from seemingly meaningless stimuli. We all know that the pictures on the TV screen and images thrown against the wall by a movie projector don't really move; rather our brains take a series of still images and supply the "tweening" such that we see motion even when there is none. Or take a look at the pictures in a newspaper. There's not really a line or shape in most of them; instead it's a bunch of larger- and smaller-sized dots against a white background. You see shapes and a zillion different levels of gray because your brain fills-in-the-blanks to make us "see" pictures.

HyperDither is an interesting app that deals with this "see dots as images" thing. Built using the same same dithering filter used to convert grayscale images to black and white for early Macintosh computers, it takes your image and converts into a bunch of dots, to rather interesting effect. It's easy to use, as you can either browse to the file you're interested in, or just drag and drop your picture into the app's main window. You can even grab a whole folder's worth of files if you want to go nuts with it.

A free download, HyperDither is a Mac application. It runs under OS X (10.3 and greater) and is a Universal Binary, so you can use it on your PowerPC or Intel system.

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