Make hard disk partitions bend to your will

runs on Windows
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As inevitably as time marches forward, the hard drives on our computers increase in size. Starting way back when with the original PC-XT—featuring a whopping 10 MB drive—we've gotten to the point where multiple-TeraByte systems aren't unheard of. Even with huge drive sizes, there are still limitations to what you can do with all that space. To help overcome some of these potential troubles, it's common to partition fixed drives into smaller volumes, breaking them into more manageable pieces.

Every operating system includes at least rudimentary tools necessary to create and manage disk partitions. Most of them, however, aren't capable of anything very interesting. Enter the world of after-market partition tools.

PartitionWizard falls into this class of tool. While it can do all the "normal" stuff—create and delete partitions, format them, etc.—this app also allows you to resize partitions, move them around, convert filesystems, and more. It's a far cry from FDISK.

PartitionWizard is a Windows app, running under XP and later on the desktop, and server running 2000 and later. It's free for both home- and business users.

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  1. Pedro Cotilla says:

    Wow! I’ve got rid of those freaky DOS-like tools to make disk partitions! Thank you!

  2. masojaki says:

    thank u i will try to down load it

  3. masojaki says:

    please dowload it u need comment let me try it first

  4. masojaki says:

    oh dear I want to down load Make hard disk partitions please help

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