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It's a pretty simple concept: you and your stuff are right here, but you want to be over there. Okay, so get up and walk across the room. Or drive across the state. Or fly across the continent. Pretty easy. You can do the electronic equivalent with the technology available: fax machines, email, and blog posts make it easy for your stuff (if not you) to move around at will. Depending on what you are trying to move around, these may all be overthinking the problem. Here's an example: you are surfing the Web on your Windows box and run across a cool Mac app that you'd like to try out. The easiest way to get that info from here to there is to fire-up your email program, create a message with the download URL copied-and-pasted into it, and send the message to yourself—on the other machine. Now move to your Mac, start-up Mail, grab that message, open it, and stuff the link into your browser. That's about eleventy-three steps for a rather simple operation. So how about a clipboard you can share between those machines?

Cl1p (see-ell-one-pee) bills itself as The Internet Clipboard. It's a pretty simple concept. Go to their site and paste any text (no images unfortunately) you want into their web form. Now from any other machine you go to that same page and grab what you pasted just a minute ago. It's quick, it's easy, and (of course) it's free. Your clipboard stays live for a week (or other period you choose), so you've got plenty of time to do what you need to do. You could also use this tool to share stuff with yourself if you've got a dual-boot system. Heck, you could even maintain an ongoing discussion here, although there are probably plenty of tools that would do a better job with that.

A free online service, Cl1p should be compatible with any recent web browser.

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  1. DAN E HUBBELL says:

    Can’t wait to start!

    I’m most interested in military, police and political downloads!

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