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When you design a new web site or add pages to an existing site, it's a good idea to build a mock-up first. This prototype lets you see how it's all going to look when it goes live; you can adjust colors, font size, layout of the page, and all that good stuff. Usually you aren't going to add your text until the last minute. But your page isn't going to flow right—and is going to look downright silly—unless you've got something in there as a placeholder for where your inspiring words are going to land eventually. That mocked-up text can go by a number of different names—Greeking is a favorite—and often includes a Latin passage that starts "Lorem ipsum….

While it's handy to have a stock chunk of text to use as a placeholder in your mock-ups, it might be nice to be able to be a little more specific with it. For example, you may want to specify a particular number of characters or words or paragraphs to use. That's where a tool like Dummy Text Generator could come in handy.

A free online service, these guys let you choose from a number of different text passages. Having chosen the placeholder text, you can further select the number of characters, words, and paragraphs to break it into. Its preview feature even lets you see what your passage will look like at different page widths. How many lines long will your text be on the page when your 200 word passage goes live? Advanced options let you experiment with different text styles, helping you to make your prototypes even more accurate.

You should be able to use Dummy Text Generator with just about any modern web browser.

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