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Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.

File management is a pretty important thing when you're up and running on your computer. Who can forget the day they first used a system with a GUI and could move files and documents around with a mouse instead of having to type big long strings of characters at the keyboard to get their work done? Back in the Windows 3.x days, Program Manager and File Manager were a pretty big deal. Upgrade to Windows 95 and you got Windows Explorer. Quite an improvement, to be sure, but things have pretty much stagnated there ever since. So whose door do we beat a path to?

FreeCommander is a file manager and can serve as a replacement for Windows Explorer. It boasts a two-pane window, that you can orient either horizontally or vertically. Each individual pane has an optional tree view as well, so you can have stuff scattered all over the place if you prefer. It includes a built-in file viewer, which lets you look inside of image files, hex/binary files, and can even take a peek inside of ZIP and other archive file formats. There's even an FTP client built into this app. Use drag-and-drop to move files around, rename files singly or in groups, compare and synchronize directories, and more.

FreeCommander is a free download for your Windows system. You'll need to be running Win2k or later to use it.

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  1. Dallen says:

    Can’t find a download button for free commander. It’s a great idea. I miss the old Norton.

  2. jumbi says:

    just move your mouse over the filename you want
    (in the downloads page u can find on the upper menou)

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